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Application for Game Master.

                                                                                         Great News.

Currently we are looking for 2 Game Master in our Staff Team , and they will be promoted for 2 weaks as in the trial period.

If you already have been as Game Master in another server is a great opportunity for you to be promoted in this server.

We already added a rules , and requirements wich you should respect.

How to apply? I'ts easy you will complete all the requirements wich you will send via your email adress to undeadmu.com@mail.ru.

UndeadMu Team will choice 2 players who looks more capable for this role in our server.


-(Your First Name):

-(Your Last Name):

-(Your Age):

-(How many hours you can sprend in the game per day):

-(Why do you want to become a Game Master):

-(How you can help our server to improve the activity):

-(Have you been GM before on another server "If Yes, please don't mentionate the name of server, because will be considered as advertisement"):

-(What you will do if you will be promoted as Game Master):

-(Additional information about you):

I hope the requirements are understandable for all the applicants who will participate , and I hope you will with all the respect to do a nice applications.

Already we have a rule if you will be choice by our staff team, you need to serve only our server , and to do the best on your duties.

UndeadMu Staff is wishing the best of luck for all the participants who will send a email with their applications.

Posted 21 / 01 / 2020 Discuss On Forum

Server Info.

UndeadMU Season 3   Episode1



-MAX: Level 400

-Reset Level: 400

-Grand Reset: 100 Resets

-Grand Reset Reward: 5000 Credits 

-Vote System: ON

-WebShop System: ON

-BOX OF Kundun: In SHOP

-GameGuard: ON

-Points Per Level 10/15

-Balance PVP System: ON

-Ancient +Excelent System: ON

-Clicker In Game: ON

Posted 24 / 12 / 2019 Discuss On Forum

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